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Welcome to Shuman Media Production!

Would you like to increase your online visibility and improve your brand image on social media? Then entrust this task to me! I offer professional photography and video services as well as a customised approach for every project.

The range of my services includes:

  1. Business, product and property photography: I offer professional business, product and property photography tailored to your individual needs. With my 12 years of experience and creativity, I will help you to attract the attention of your target group and achieve your goals.
  2. Video production (video shooting, editing, color correction): I offer a comprehensive service for your video projects. I help you with concept development, organise shooting, editing and colour correction. I also ensure that your video is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also effectively conveys your message. Let me help you inspire your audience and achieve your goals!
  3. Drone photography and videography: With eight years of experience in drone photography and videography, I offer you the opportunity to create breathtaking aerial shots that show your projects from unique angles. Whether breathtaking landscapes, architectural masterpieces or spectacular events – the possibilities of using drones are almost limitless. Let me help you take your projects to new heights!
  4. Services in the field of artificial intelligence (AI): I harness the power of artificial intelligence to bring you innovative solutions in graphic design, video content editing and enhancement, word processing, translation and voice-over using artificial intelligence.

With a professional media production from Shuman Media Production, you can easily convince your potential customers. Utilise the power of visual media to successfully present your products and services. Contact me today and we will start realising your goals immediately.

Professional advice and reliable support.


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